We manufacture kerbing onsite in a variety of styles
that will enhance your home and garden.
Also driveway and car park edging.
Our styles are machine laid, and hand finished 
to very high specifications.

We can replicate Euro brick, railway sleepers
and other styles and colours.
A range of styles and colours to choose from, 
with a free no-obligation quote.
Most jobs can be completed same day.

KWIK KERB by Mcnaught

A new product, 'concrete serving blocks', these will be sanded, coloured and sealed.
Great for the BBQ, the side of the BBQ will not hold bugs and water will not damage them.
Main use will be outdoor.
These are made from GFRC and are very hard.

KWIK KERB by Mcnaught

High Profile 150mm
Coloured sealed concrete
Used for car parks and high borders

Concrete Railway Sleepers

These concrete sleepers will enhance any gardens, and can be done in a range of colours. Dimensions are 175mm wide, 90mm high on the back edge, 50mm on the front and 900mm long They weigh 15kg apiece so are easy to handle. We also have slightly shorter pieces at 600mm long that weigh 12kg

Sloping Border Profile

Priced per metre, this product is used to direct water towards drains. The product will harden in 48 hours, and can be ridden over after a couple of weeks when mowing lawns.
It will also stand cars going over it from time to time.

Driveway and Lawn Separation

Garden and Driveway Concrete Edging

Kwik Kerb by McNaught

10% off if ordered online
Weight 15kg
Length 900mm
Colours Black, Charcoal, Natural and Brown

Kwik Kerb by McNaught

5% off any jobs ordered online.
Picture shows product laid onsite
in charcoal and whole kerb sealed.